Do you want to dissolve the habits that create weight problems, low-energy, ugly skin and depression? What if you could anchor a healthy lifestyle so delicious and fun that you actually crave taking care of yourself, because you feel soooo good?

Genetics and random luck don’t make some people more lean, luscious and vibrant and others bloated and dull. Simple, consistent choices are all you need to start looking and feeling juicy.

I’m personally not a big fan of counting calories, deprivation, serious meditation practices or tedious push ups.  Who is? I merge cutting-edge and ancient natural lifestyle practices and technologies with simplicity, joy, ease and delight. Oh, doesn’t that sound so irresistibly appealing?

You see, I was born into a family passionate about natural health and spiritual healing…

At a very young age, I learned and practiced techniques to awaken our innate power to heal through positive thinking and affirmations. I witnessed many health miracles – some which may sound impossible and unbelievable. This showed me that the body is designed to heal itself, when given the right kind of care and love. I love to bring this unlimited power and confidence to everyone who is open.

Later I discovered that there is much more to health than just positive thinking…

It is much easier to eat clean food and exercise (especially when it’s pleasurable) than it is to fight hamburgers, smoking and being sedentary with positive affirmations or looking the other way. It’s like spinning your wheels in the mud. It’s much more effective and less effort to take care of the body through physical means – with whole foods and movement – while using mindfulness and higher states of consciousness to improve our mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

At age 16, I switched to a plant-based lifestyle, and quickly discovered the pitfalls of this diet and learned the uncomfortable way how to overcome feeling isolated, depleted, weak, bored and deprived. After watching too many people give up too quickly, I started seriously studying holistic health and nutrition so I could help others help themselves.

There is so much contraindicating information out there about health…

It can be overwhelming, right? One of my greatest desires is to help save you years of pain and struggle. Please take advantage of all the hard work I’ve put into creating a system that is so fool proof and enjoyable that anyone can take charge of their health – even you, even if you have tried many times to ‘eat right’ and be happy’.

I stay on top of the latest trends and research so you don’t have to…

Along the way, I trained in tons of holistic and spiritual modalities (I’m a bit of a glutton for knowledge, and still am): Thai Massage, Polarity Therapy, Swedish Massage, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Holistic Esthetician, Holistic Nutrition, Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism, Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutrition, Reiki, meditation, yoga, tai chi, pranayama, advaita vedanta…. well, you get the picture.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve been a dedicated raw foodist, blood type dieter, vegetarian, macrobiotic, vegan fanatic, and Ayurvedic devotee – to name a few. I’ve done many types of cleanses and spent years being gluten-free and sugar-free. I even fasted for 9 days on water at a clinic in California (don’t worry – I don’t recommend it!). I’ve tried it all, which means I can help you know which path is best for you, and how to stay tuned in as your body’s needs change.

Graduation at Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat Hospital

Receiving my Ayurveda Therapist certificatation from Dr. Sundar Raman at the Ayurveda Yoga and Retreat Hospital in Conoor, India.

At the Ayurvedic Retreat & Hospital in India, I became a certified Ayurveda Therapist. I learned to administer Panchakarma detoxification and rejuvenation treatments and prevent and treat many imbalances and diseases through lifestyle, diet, herbs and spiritual practice.

When I returned to the states in 2007, I landed a dream position: working for John Douillard at John Douillard’s LifeSpa, one of the foremost Ayurvedic clinics in America. As the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Panchakarma Manager at LifeSpa I have helped thousands of patients through detoxifying cleanses, dietary enhancements, herbal remedies, lifestyle upgrades, and attitudinal shifts. It’s one of my greatest joys!

Though there are many techniques and options for creating health through lifestyle changes, it doesn’t make it a cake-walk…

I realized that it is hard for most of to make these changes, which is entirely understandable. Usually we need a life threatening diagnosis to really go for it. For most of us, it isn’t enough to know ‘why’ we should eat a certain way, or that we should exercise 5 times a week. We’re already overwhelmed and busy. We naturally seek pleasure. Not many of us want to add more ‘to do’s to our already full lives, count our calories, chew bland food, or do 50 boring squats at a stinky gym.

We are a match made in heaven if…

  • You are ready to go for it and make small, consistent upgrades to your lifestyle.
  • You want tips and tricks to make it all delightful, simple, and fast.
  • You want to feel confident that what you’re doing is the smartest way to get and stay healthy.
  • You believe that it is possible to feel great.  You just need to be shown the way.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to:

  • Feel light and lean?
  • Be confident that heart disease, diabetes and obesity are something you never have to worry about?
  • Wake up energized, and stay alert all day?
  • Sail through cold and flu season untouched?
  • Stop being ruled by allergies?
  • Radiate like a glowing sunbeam?
  • Prefer green veggies and wholesome desserts over junk?
  • Eagerly enjoy your self care rituals?
  • Have a ‘magic hat’ bursting with tricks that can immediately bring you back into balance?

That’s how I live, and you can too!

Start now with scrumptious, simple and small changes that make all the difference…

Tree Pose on Maui

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to schedule your free discovery session.

It’ll be fun!

Please don’t wait until you are sick, scared, or needing surgery or medications with dangerous side effects.

You’ll quickly start glowing, radiating and feeling more energetic. People will want to know what you are doing, because you look so great.

This could be the most important – and delightful – choice you make for yourself and your body!



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